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We Provide General Counsel Representation To Both Businesses And Local Municipalities

At Blackburn & Donnelly, LLC, we have a long history of providing assistance to small businesses as well as municipalities as outside legal counsel. Our business clients know that our attorneys have decades of experience in advising clients on navigating local and state laws in Connecticut, and because of that, they choose us to be their dedicated representative and adviser. Similarly, many local municipalities seek out our assistance to maintain and enforce their ordinances and to counsel them on any legal disputes that they become embroiled in. We are dedicated to our role as outside general counsel, and whether it is for a business or a city council in the Hartford County area, we are equipped to serve all our clients with skilled and seasoned legal guidance.

Local Businesses Rely Upon Us To Advise Them

For many companies, it is inefficient for them to employ a full time in-house counsel to provide them with legal assistance. We fill that role for them, serving as outside general counsel, retained by them to assist with both legal disputes as well as to facilitate their regular business. We can assist in any transactional matter that our clients need, such as negotiating contracts or ensuring compliance with all appropriate state and local regulations. We also provide litigation representation as well, zealously protecting our client’s interests and assets in court. No matter the need, we are prepared to assist as both seasoned litigators and skilled advisers for our business clients.

Our Attorneys Provide Insightful Counsel For Local Municipalities

Laws regarding local governments and their agencies operate in a unique way. Only a select number of attorneys regularly work in this field and understand its laws. We represent local agencies and municipalities looking for legal guidance on matters ranging from the legality of proposed local ordinances, regulatory changes and municipal code modifications. Our clients can also rely upon our experience to defend them in any litigation that may arise. If you are looking for experienced local government lawyers who understand administrative and civil law, contact Blackburn & Donnelly.

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If you are looking for a team of skilled and dedicated attorneys who can provide you with general counsel assistance, then Blackburn & Donnelly, LLC can assist you. You can call our Windsor Locks office at 860-292-1116, or you can complete our online contact form to send us a brief description of your needs.