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Solutions For Complex Legal Matters

People searching for help with a difficult legal problem look for many different qualities in a lawyer. One overarching question they often have, however, is whether they can trust that lawyer to help them find the solution they are looking for.

At Blackburn & Donnelly, LLC, we serve clients throughout Connecticut in the areas of insurance law, real estate and local government law. Our firm’s reputation for success is based on the experience and professionalism of our attorneys. We take the time to discover what is important to you so we can help you find not just any solution to your legal matter, but the right solution for you.

Advocacy In Insurance Matters

As a leading insurance law firm in Connecticut, we assist both insurance companies with defense and subrogation cases and individuals looking for answers regarding insurance coverage. We are litigation attorneys with extensive courtroom experience. A majority of our cases involve:

  • Insurance subrogation
  • Insurance coverage
  • Insurance defense

Insurance litigation can become complicated quickly. You need a lawyer who can grasp the legal nuances in your case. If you are looking for a lawyer who has a deep understanding of insurance law and will always fight for your best interest, contact Blackburn & Donnelly.

Protect Your Investment In Real Property

For many people and businesses, real estate represents a large investment of time and money. When you invest in real estate, you want to feel confident that the transaction will go smoothly and problems will not arise in the future. If you do find yourself in a real estate dispute, you need a trusted litigation attorney who knows how to fight for your best interests.

Connecticut real estate transactions and disputes may include many parties, from a real estate broker to a small business owner. We routinely represent a wide variety of clients in real estate matters such as:

  • Representation at real estate closings
  • Escrow accounts
  • Title services
  • Drafting and reviewing purchase agreements and other documents
  • Easement and boundary disputes

These are just a few examples of the many real estate issues that our clients bring to us. When you need a reputable firm with experience in real estate law, turn to Blackburn & Donnelly.

Understanding Local Government Law

Laws regarding local governments and their agencies operate in a unique way. Only a select number of attorneys regularly work in this field and understand its laws. We represent local agencies and municipalities looking for legal guidance as well as individuals and business owners who need assistance dealing with a local government. If you are looking for experienced local government lawyers who understand administrative and civil law, contact Blackburn & Donnelly.

Start Creating Your Solution Today

With legal matters, the sooner you address the issue, often the more options you will have for finding a solution. Get started on your solution today by contacting our office in Windsor Locks to schedule an appointment. You can call us at 860-292-1116 or send us an email.