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We Provide Experienced And Skilled Advocacy In Insurance Law Matters

As a leading insurance law firm in Connecticut, we assist insurance companies with defense and subrogation cases throughout the state from our office in Windsor Locks. We are litigation attorneys with extensive courtroom experience from the hundreds of insurance cases that we have tried over the last two decades. A majority of our cases involve insurance subrogation, and we have tailored our practice for those cases in particular due to the repeat referrals that we receive from our clients who are satisfied with our representation.

Insurance litigation can become complicated quickly. You need a lawyer who can quickly grasp the legal nuances in your case and skillfully advocate on your behalf before a jury. If you are looking for an insurance law attorney who has a deep understanding of insurance law and will always fight for your best interest, contact Blackburn & Donnelly today.

Our Insurance Subrogation Practice Has Earned Us The Trust Of Our Clients

For nearly two decades, we have been retained for insurance subrogation cases in a wide range of matters. Our experience and tenacity in obtaining results for our clients have earned us a reputation as a reliable firm with attorneys who are focused on our clients’ goals. We handle subrogation claims including small cases of only a few thousand dollars and large cases where we have obtained a $60 million result for our client. Insurance carriers know that when they retain our services, they are getting a team of attorneys who are seasoned litigators and are trusted in the insurance industry with serious and complex litigation. We are licensed to practice in both state courts as well as federal courts and have pursued cases all the way up to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

We Provide Local Counsel Assistance To Assist In Interstate Litigation

Alongside our primary insurance subrogation practice, we also serve as local counsel for national insurance firms from across the United States. With our connections throughout the insurance industry, our reputation as skilled litigators has allowed us to serve as local counsel to a number of national insurance firms. With our assistance, we provide effective local counsel and can leverage our deep knowledge of the local legal system to our advantage and our clients’ benefit.

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If you are interested in speaking with us to represent you or your client in an insurance case, then you can connect with Blackburn & Donnelly, LLC. You can call our office at 860-292-1116 or contact us online to send us a brief description of your needs. We offer free initial consultations with a member of our team; schedule yours soon so that we can begin representing you.